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Our patent pending live stream platform is designed to create a streaming experience free of ads and distractions so your viewers can focus on what matters most: you. Live studio allows you to bring in members of the audience into the stream by simply dragging and dropping them in for unprecedented levels of engagement.

Animation of a mouse clicking the

Easy to use web application

Animation of someone donating through the Zeacon Live Studio platform

Live in-stream donations

Animation of an interactive participant being dragged and dropped into a livestream

Interactive and engaging

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Why Choose Zeacon


Engage Face-to-Face with Guests

Chat face-to-face with your guests, using our patent pending drag-and-drop studio software.

Real time in-stream donations

Have guests seamlessly donate to your organization without leaving the live stream with our integrated donation platform.

No Apps to Download

Go-Live immediately with no apps or software to download with our easy-to-use patent-pending live streaming studio web application.


Interact with the stream

Chat directly with other viewers, or raise your hand to join the live stream and chat with streamer face-to-face.

Donate safely and securely

Contribute and donate while you watch without missing a moment of the live event. Just click, and donate, while you enjoy the live stream.

No apps to Download

No special apps to download, no logins needed, just click the link and start watching and engaging with the live stream.

See it in Action

Our patent-pendingtechnology delivers world-class livestream experiences. Don’t believe it? Just watch:

Go Live

Go to and click the go live button to get started

Raise your hand

Have a burning question? Click ‘raise hand’ to show hosts that you have something important to contribute


Now that your selected audience member is on stage with you, let the discourse begin!

Hybrid Events

Team up with our Emmy-winning video production staff for world-class hybrid in-person and online events. You let us know what your vision is for the big event, and we will work with you to execute an experience your attendees will never forget.

Bellevue Arts Museum Artful Evening

Image Source Fall Showcase

Community Resource Center Fundraiser

Virtual Worlds with

8-bit Characters walking through the virtual worlds that Zeacon has created for its clients.

  • Experience being together, through incredible proximity video chat.
  • Easily meet, engage, play games, celebrate all within a custom virtual world.
  • Experience 95% engagement with your event attendees when you plan an event on the Gather.Town platform with Zeacon.

Slideshow demonstrating the virtual 8-bit worlds that Zeacon has created for clients in the Gather.Town platform.

  • Design the custom virtual world of your imagination for your event
  • Experience world-class in-world entertainment with performers from stage & screen entertaining your event attendees.
  • Let Zeacon’s event team help you deliver an unforgettable virtual world experience that is second to none.

Deliver an unforgettable experience when you plan your next event with Zeacon

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Made with Zeacon

Mary’s Place

$1.0M raised

Friends of the Children

$680K raised

Fulcrum Foundation

$1.7M raised

What businesses are saying

Ben Haywood

Executive Director, Bellevue Arts Museum

"We were very fortunate that there was an initial relationship with Zeacon and to be able to work with this group, with this company, on the boxes and on the live stream has been a godsend. To be able to immediately pivot to a group who knew how to do this for us and were interested, engaged, and supported our mission, it was amazing. We are very grateful for that partnership." 

Christy Johnson

CEO, Artemis Connection, Inc.

"We are extremely happy with Zeacon's services. We were uncertain if we could convert our in person event to an online summit. Someone recommended Zeacon. Zeacon's services were professional. They helped us figure out what to do and helped make our content engaging and the transitions between speakers seamless. The team allowed us to create a great event." 

Tricia Thompson

Director of Marketing, Image Source

"I just want to say to anybody who is thinking about going with this team, do it! You won't be sorry. We so exceeded our goal and could not have been more excited. We ended up with 407 clients on the call and 250 of those stayed on for an hour or more of our program and just blew us out of the water, we were excited. Cost wise, I would say we probably saved about 60% of our usual budget of being in person...return on investment was fantastic." 

Elena Lynch

Development Manager, Friends of the Children - Seattle

"Zeacon recorded professional videos for us, edited those videos, helped us with our digital marketing for the event, handled all the day of logistics, executed the live stream, and supported us as well to deliver over 150 dinner packages all across the Seattle area so that on the day-of the event we were all truly coming together in the same time and space and really celebrating the organization and the mission. My favorite part of working with Zeacon was having access to all of their in-house experts because each member of their team really has this unique expertise whether it is television broadcasting, event planning, or digital marketing." 


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Our mission is to intelligently connect communities, through patent pending technology, and providing world-class services to connect people digitally and physically.

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Zeacon is proud to share that it is a Public Benefit Corporation and part of the National Minority Supplier Development Council, we believe that our communities are better when everyone is represented and heard. It is our goal to help intelligently connect all communities.

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