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One platform, everything you need

location based technology

Live, real-time, and extremely-precise location-based services.

INteractive livestream platform

Interactive livestream commerce platform connects organizations with audience anywhere

Integrated payment and ticketing

Touchless and secure integrated payment, ticketing, and reservation system that needs no additional equipment.

Real-time Targeting

Reach your target audience with relevant promotions and direct messages in real-time.

Tailored Virtual Environment

Host your meeting in an engaging, customized, and virtual environment tailored to your needs

Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics on user behavior and application of data-driven, next logical purchase rules.

Exploration & Discovery

Explore, discover, and share things to do or unique offers and experiences by category

Online to Offline Fulfillment

Design truly DigiCal (Digital+Physical) experiences with online virtual and offline fulfillment expertise

Idea to Implementation

Unique, end-to-end consultative services to help organizations innovate and stay ahead.

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What does it mean to go DigiCal? We’re glad you asked! Digital means we can livestream your event, create marketing content, and provide in-stream graphics to take your virtual events to the next level. Physical means we can integrate and elevate the digital with dinner, drinks, swag, and more to create a one-of-a-kind interactive experience. If you want a virtual event that is engaging, cost-effective, and easy to manage, let Zeacon help you succeed.