Zeacon World Holiday Party Package

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Wondering how to throw your annual holiday party this year? Worried you won’t be able to? Host your office or holiday party on Zeacon World. Now you can throw a one-of-a-kind, interactive, virtual holiday party that is tailored to your organization, theme, or occasion. Just choose one of several festive, pre-built templates. 

Bored of ZOOM? In Zeacon World, attendees easily interact with colleagues and friends, just like in real life. Plus you can incorporate interactive elements like games, a photo booth, the ability for the boss to deliver a seasons greeting speech, multiple rooms…you name it! 

We also deliver party favors, company swag, and festive refreshments directly to attendees so they get to enjoy the party both virtually and physically. The best part? It’s all up to you. Be the holiday party hero of your office, family, or circle of friends.

Book a Zeacon World Package today, starting from $2,500 (optional add-ons and delivered items cost extra). Click the Purchase button to choose your date and time, whether you would like to be contacted about extra add-on services, and if your party will have more than 25 attendees.

What’s Included in the $2,500 Base Package

  • Choice of one pre-built Zeacon World template
  • Up to 100 participants (additional attendees cost extra)
  • 4 hour use of private Zeacon World environment
  • Live technical support before and during party
  • Discounted pricing on optional add-on experiences and customizations