Interactive Live Puzzle Hunt

Interactive Live Puzzle Hunt

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Please stay tuned for the next Interactive Live Puzzle Hunt as we are SOLD OUT! 

Grab your friends for an Interactive Puzzle Hunt hosted by Reality Break Escapes right from your home. Your team of paranormal investigators has been dispatched to Seattle on short notice. All you’ve been told is that Seattle is facing an imminent threat, and only your team can help! You must follow the clues scattered around the city to unravel this mystery and find a way to save the city and you must hurry before chaos ensues...

How it works:

Purchase your spot for the Live Puzzle Hunt on Saturday, June 27th, 7:30pm. 

You will be emailed a Zoom link to join 48 hours prior to your experience beginning.

Your experience will last 60 minutes. 

In partnership with Reality Break Escapes