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Broadcast world-class livestreams using the patent-pending technology behind Zeacon Live Studio

Zeacon Live Studio brings you closer to your community by offering unparalleled levels of audience engagement and interaction - right from your browser.

Drag-and-drop engagement

Guests can raise their hand to contribute to the conversation or ask a burning question that may be on everyone’s mind. To engage with them, simply drag them from the queue directly into the stream and let the discourse begin. Think of it as the live-stream equivalent of a radio show with call-in guests for you and your community.

In-stream donations keep your viewer's eyes on you

Your viewers can donate directly to you when you activate in-stream donations. Our integrated on-page donation widget allows for rapid, distraction-free donating without losing any viewers to other tabs or advertisements. Unlike many other live stream applications, donors are able to stay 100% focused on your content while donating.

In-browser web app

Zeacon Live Studio can be launched and run directly from your browser. There are no apps to download and no complicated software requiring an entire manual to operate. Simply click ‘go live’ and you’re streaming. For your viewers, there is no sign-up, no login, and no apps to download. All they need is a link to your stream and they can join.

Ad free. Period.

One of our Core Values is to connect communities. Advertisements compromise your stream by distracting your viewers and detracting from the viewing experience. Commoditized streaming platforms like Twitch, Youtube, and FaceBook Live push ads on your viewers. We believe only a fully distraction free stream environment can provide genuine value and engagement with your viewers.

Jay Gounder

Jay Gounder

VP of Technology

Built by people who care

When we set out to build Zeacon Live Studio, we had one goal in mind: intelligently connecting communities. Our software is built to bring back and inspire authentic interpersonal connections and dialogue in an increasingly digital world. Every feature of Zeacon Live Studio is aimed at bringing genuine connections to your community. About Us
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Only pay for what you need with flexible pricing

It's not fair to pay for things you don't need. Our plans allow you to choose what you pay for and fit the needs of your organization.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zeacon Live Studio, and how do I use it?

Zeacon Live Studio (ZLS) is an all-in-one live streaming platform and software that allows users to intelligently connect with their community online directly from their browser. With Zeacon Live Studio, you can host live streams, collect donations, easily bring in remote live guests to the stream, and multi-stream to different platforms all for free. The ZLS platform also has no advertisements and runs straight from your browser - pretty awesome, huh?

How do businesses use Zeacon Live Studio?

Businesses use Zeacon Live Studio to create amazing and compelling live video content. From product demonstrations to community building through interactive content, businesses can use the ZLS platform in a variety of ways. Here are some you can try: a weekly game night with your community, a new product announcement, webinars to generate leads, video calls with internal/external remote teams, and so much more!

How do nonprofits use Zeacon Live Studio?

Nonprofit entities can use Zeacon Live Studio to connect with their donors and people impacted by their causes at the same time, to build a community around their cause. Nonprofits right now mainly use Zeacon Live Studio to host their live virtual and hybrid fundraising events. Over the course of the past year, nonprofit organizations have raised over $6,000,000 while simultaneously lowering event costs by using Zeacon.

Can the audience see who raised their hand?

No, only the host can see who has raised their hand.

What controls does the host have for interactive participants?

The host can drag and drop people onto the stream, then the host can switch their video off/on, mute/unmute them, and control the volume level that their source plays through the stream.

Can I remove a participant from my stream?

Yes! Press the 'X' by the participant's name in the queue to remove them.

Do viewers need an account to chat/interact?

No. Your viewers can set their visible name as they join the stream, then chat and interact with everyone.

Who can watch my stream?

Anyone with the link to your stream can view it! Host a private event by sending the link only to invitees, or welcome in your whole audience by posting the link on social media.

What platforms can I multi-stream to?

You can stream to any platform that accepts an RTMP source but some of the major platforms that we can stream to are: YouTube, Twitch, Facebook Live, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Dailymotion.

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The world is quickly becoming more and more digital. Build meaningful connections online with your community using Zeacon Live Studio

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